Museum of the Center of Europe EUROPOS PARKAS

Message from the founder of the museum

Since childhood, as I greet and then finish each day, I have been concerned that the time I spent be meaningful. I know intuitively that I must justify my presence on the Earth by doing something that is not casual, something important not just to me and not just for today. As a result, the idea of joining nature with human intelligence expressed in pieces of art was born. Thus the first eternal signs – sculptures – have appeared within a single tiny piece of land, where not so long ago stood a neglected forest and bog.

Meaning was given to the idea of the geographic center of Europe by the universal language of art. People have discovered a new space for their imagination to flourish and search for answers.

I create objects, which are called landscape sculptures. They only belong to a particular space. They do not speak too much; I cleanse them of unnecessary coatings and idle words. Those things and phenomena, which look simple at first sight yet reflect an essence, are meaningful to me.

Gintaras Karosas

Monument of the Centre of Europe. Gintaras Karosas.