Museum of the Center of Europe EUROPOS PARKAS

The Wall

About the artwork

Siena (The Wall) is yet another large-scale piece of work by the sculptor Gintaras Karosas. It is made of two pieces of a steel wall, each of them nearly 3 metres tall and 9 metres long, positioned in a landscape at Europos Parkas specifically designed for this particular piece of work.

This work of art conveys the idea of relativity of concepts. Stereotypically, we may think that the walls are what divides things; however, they also connect, protect, and contain us lest we get lost in time and space. Once we break through a wall, on the other side we find a world that looks just like the one on the inside, yet human curiosity leads us to quest on.
Author: Gintaras Karosas
Country: Lithuania
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