Museum of the Center of Europe EUROPOS PARKAS


About the artwork

Kultūra (Culture) is a massive work of landscape art by the sculptor Gintaras Karosas. Five sculptural forms painted in light shades, their shapes resembling those of an iceberg, mountains, or an architectural object, appear to be melding and re-emerging amidst the landscape, snaking about and rising to a height of nearly 8 metres.

Two massive ‘towers’ set deep into the meadow are in a much better shape than the fragments of low, down-to-the-ground walls at the forefront of the clearing. The boundary between sculpture and architecture is erased here, with visitors being able to walk around and enter the big ‘towers’.

The piece of work is presented as a ‘suspended process’, and it is the fantasy of each viewer that determines the impression it will create: whether it will be perceived as a new beginning, a reconstruction, or as an end, the process of decay and decline…

Author: Gintaras Karosas
Country: Lithuania
It took a staggering 3 years for a team of 7 men to install this unique work of art made from several tons of marble at Europos Parkas.
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