Museum of the Center of Europe EUROPOS PARKAS

About us

Europos Parkas was founded by sculptor Gintaras Karosas (b. 1968). In 1987 he found a place near Vilnius suitable for a park and started clearing wild neglected woodland. In 1991 the artist created the first sculpture marking the birth of Europos Parkas. Since 1993, the park has hosted International Sculpture Symposiums. The sculpture of  famous conceptualist Dennis Oppenheim, built in Europos Parkas in 1996, has encouraged the contribution of other classics of modern sculpture to the museum. Today, the 55 ha sculpture park displays more than 90 works of art by artists from 27 different countries. The museum is being developed as unity of nature and works of art. The park is being landscaped by Gintaras Karosas. The permanent exhibition of modern art displayed in Europos Parkas is, considered by specialists to be one of the most interesting open-air museums in the world.

Space of Unknown Growth. Magdalena Abakanowicz.