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The Juggernaut of Nought

About the artwork

Richard Trupp is a British artist and a former assistant and helper to the sculptor Anthony Caro. Trupps dark steel sculpture called The Juggernaut of Naught stands out like an exclamation mark against the backdrop of raw nature. It is like the most primitive of tools of ancient people, a wedge – a ‘naught’, which is nonetheless very important, a possibility of a major force emerging seemingly out of nothing. The piece of work becomes something of an interruption in its own environment, something of a possibility to take a pause and reflect.

The artist had the idea to create this sculpture when he found a small piece of metal in Sir Anthony’s studio. He said he wanted that piece to become a link between the sky and the earth while being alien to its surroundings – it is a massive unstoppable force or an object that wrecks everything in its path. In his words, he could see the sculpture reaching its destination with no evidence as to its journey or origin.
Author: Richard Trupp
Country: Great Britain