Museum of the Center of Europe EUROPOS PARKAS

From a Dream to the Present

About the artwork

Europos Parkas invites its patrons to an unusual exhibition. Just what makes it unusual? The thing is that the displays at the exhibition are placed under the open sky rather than indoors.

The exhibition titled Europos Parkas: from a Dream and until Nowreveals the underlying principles behind the development of Europos Parkas or, the way the museum’s author Gintaras Karosas puts it, constitutes a compendium of answers to the frequently asked questions. The exhibition portrays the road from the moment the concept of the museum was born until it was brought to life, bringing the viewer closer to the works of art on display, both emotionally and intellectually.

The principle of an exhibition in an open space mirrors the general idea of the open-air museum: the floor is grass, the walls are trees, and you have the canopy of heaven for the ceiling.
Author: Gintaras Karosas
Country: Lithuania
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