Museum of the Center of Europe EUROPOS PARKAS

At the Park

About the artwork
Created in 2007, the bronze sculpture titled Parke (At the Park) is one of several pieces of work by this artist featured at the Europos Parkas museum. It is yet another character that radiates the artist’s specific trademark spirit: nice and playful yet mysterious and strange at the some time.

The sculpture shows a man holding a rabbit by the ears. They say that is the only way to hold a rabbit, for otherwise it would wiggle out and escape. Anyhow, the rabbit has had its place in artists’ work since the old days, yet this Lithuanian artist has presented his own interpretation of this character, allowing viewers to take pictures with it.
Author: Evaldas Pauza
Country: Lithuania
Evaldas Pauza is a celebrated Lithuanian sculptor. In his creative process, the artist often looks for conceptual content in realistic forms.
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