Museum of the Center of Europe EUROPOS PARKAS


About the artwork
Massimo Ghiotti is a prominent Italian artist who uses specific parts of structures, machinery, and mechanisms that have a movement potential – such as springs and pistons – in his work. Framed as often as not, his metal constructions look like subdued systems that have nonetheless preserved a potential for incredible mechanical force.

Europos Parkas showcases as many as seven sculptures by Massimo Ghiotti that have found peace and shelter in the wooded landscape of the museum. Works of art made with engineering elements of cars and mining equipment salvaged from the Fiat plant in Torino, Italy, show that things that may seem incompatible at a glance can indeed submit to the artist’s talent. At the same time, they broadcast a message that there are no limits to human fantasy and possibilities.
Author: Massimo Ghiotti
Country: Italy
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