Museum of the Center of Europe EUROPOS PARKAS


About the artwork
his sculpture was created during the Soviet times. In the Throne one can easily recognize the Gediminas poles which were then prohibited to be featured. In 1994 the author donated the Throne to Europos Parkas. Virbickas’s works, full of energy and sincerity, fit in the natural environment just perfectly.

Self-portrait, made from the grey granite, reminds of the archaic composition of a column with a human head. The artist, possessing a good sense of humour, conveyed the exact portrait similarity in one’s work. The author says he had been developing this sculpture step by step, perhaps, for ten years in the mornings he used to fiddle around an ear or an eyebrow, improving a beard or a nose line.
Author: Lionginas Virbickas
Country: Lithuania
Histhorical photographs