Museum of the Center of Europe EUROPOS PARKAS

Endless Source

About the artwork
The Icelandic artist Mireya Samper creates poetical, minimalist items – fleeting or carved in stone – with great ease. Mireya Samper once said that she wants to express a ‘synthesis of the exterior and interior world’.

Her contribution to the display at Europos Parkas consist of a steel, stone, and silver installation that follows the theme of water as a source of life. Water in its different forms is one of Mireya Samper’s favourite themes: as a symbol of joy and vitality, its drops as a reference to tears but also as a connection to time, to infinity. The application of silver has to do with the motif of light. It is like moonlight at night – feminine, it allows you to rest, heals you, prepares you for the dawn and the sunrise.
Author: Mireya Samper
Country: Island