Museum of the Center of Europe EUROPOS PARKAS


About the artwork
Pinokis (Pinocchio) by Evaldas Pauza was chosen to become the sculptural highlight of the theatrical theme. The artist expertly reveals the theme of theatre using his trademark form of realistic expression. Created from bronze and granite within the scope of the project, this work of ark makes for a lovely addition to the chamber-like part of the display at the Europos Parkas museum.

In the words of Gintaras Karosas, the founder of Europos Parkas and the architect of its landscape, the realistic, life-sized sculptures by EvaldasPauza bring visitors at the museum closer to contemporary art. Rather than cajoling, they intrigue you, make you think and look for answers, all the while being pleasant to the touch.
Author: Evaldas Pauza
Country: Lithuania
In a bid to commemorate the Year of Theatres (2014), Europos Parkas, the Centre of Europemuseum has implemented a project where artists were invited to create a piece of visual art at Europos Parkas as an interpretation of theatre, another broad area of art.