Museum of the Center of Europe EUROPOS PARKAS


Europos Parkas celebrates its 30th anniversary. The new book "A forest of art for dreams and dreaming" is published

2022 07 01

Dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Europos Parkas, the publication A Forest of Art for Dreams and Dreaming is like a retrospective review of a film from a historical camera, capturing the most important stages of the creation and development of this unique place in Lithuania, its reflections and memorable events.

The creator of Europos Parkas Gintaras Karosas is frequently asked how he have managed to create such an object from an abandoned forest without either economic opportunities or state support. Gintaras Karosas explains he was just running his life project without compromise, devoting all his time and energy to it and adds „I wanted to pass on the faith in the meaning of such work for the good of Lithuania to other like-minded people and team members, without whose hard work Europos Parkas, as it is now, would not exist.“

The book A Forest of Art for Dreams and Dreaming can be read also hear