Museum of the Center of Europe EUROPOS PARKAS

11 sculptures – 1 km – About 30 minutes

This is a walk of approximately one hour covering some of the most prominent exhibits in the central part of the museum. This route is designed for families and groups of students and adults.

The route begins at the terrace in the midst of an old apple orchard near the restaurant and the gift shop at very centre of Europos Parkas. While travelling this route, observe the media that the artists employ to convey their ideas, the different materials that they use. You will see some of the most prominent works of art created by artists from five different countries: the United States of America, Mexico, Lithuania, Poland, and the Czech Republic, their pieces of work fitting famously in the nature of the artistic landscape of Europos Parkas. You will find the sculpture with the ‘moving floor’ where you too can be part of the action!

The first landmark on this route is an enormous work of art from massive granite slabs. Viewed from the terrace, it might appear to be an arrangement of three large boulders, yet a closer look will reveal all of its parts. Did you know how much one of these slabs weigh? How they are adjoined? How the author managed to bring this idea to fruition?