Museum of the Center of Europe EUROPOS PARKAS

For kids and families

Europos parkas welcomes families with kids.

Europos parkas is a sculpture museum set in nature close to the Vilnius. Many artworks, created by the artists from all over the world are interesting and surprising.

Take a rest from the city and discover:

• Huge strange leaves came straight from the South Africa, – try to spin around together..

• Walk into the labyrinth, looking like a tree on the ground, ...with the walls from TV sets!

• Find the steel house named "Chamber of light". Inside you`ll discover it`s mirror like wals and the ground will start to move under your feet. 

• Park paths will take you to the huge chair, but don`t try to sit on, it`s a "Chair - pool"!

• Meet the characters of Europos parkas: Sitting policeman, grown-up Pinochio, Gintarė, researching electricity and small boy, which found himself in a strange situation while eating the icecream... 

These are only few of many discoveries at the museum...