Museum of the Center of Europe EUROPOS PARKAS


Spring Stroll in Europos Parkas

2024 03 30

Right next to Vilnius, there is the open-air museum of Europos Parkas, one of its kind in Lithuania. For nearly three decades since 1991, it has been a crucible of harmony between nature and art. The museum’s exhibition made up of reflections of cultures of different countries as well as works of art by the world’s most celebrated artists scattered across a wooded landscape of 55 hectares.

It all began with a young sculptural student’s idea of a place where the world’s sculpture could meet and people would come to Lithuania to behold it from all over the world. This was an ambition to create an open-air museum in a wild forest from scratch. Little by little, clearings were made to accommodate modern sculptures and landscape art. Thus, Europos Parkas has been, and still is, growing as a single artistic landscape moulded in a subtle way.

The artwork on display at Europos Parkas will often surprise you. It blends with the nature, or stands in stark contrast with it. It is silent or engages you in resounding commotion. It can be so small that you will need to stoop for a better look, or so large that you won’t see where it ends.

On Easter Monday we invite you to join our guided tour and admire the harmony of awakening nature and art. Learn more about the artists’ ideas, hear the stories how the sculptures were made and wander among the huge moss decorated “eggs”.

We eagerly wait for all visitors who are interested in the history of the museum, artists vision, or those who want to take a walk in the fresh air and dream.

Europos Parkas Museum is open daily from 10 am to sunset.

Photo: Magdalena Abakanowicz. Space of Unknown Growth. Europos Parkas, Open-air Museum of the Centre of Europe.

Speaking about these enormous forms, the author, who is always on a quest for indeterminate forms, remembers: “Life filed buds bursting in spring, stacks of hay in summer – they have similar outlines.” Everyone gives ones own meaning to these anonymous objects. According to Abakanowicz, many things can not be explained. “You open the door and find another behind, you open that one and find one more, which you can not open at all …

Guided tour – 1 hour – free of charge with museum admission ticket (12 Eur).
Registration tel. + 370 698 30923 or